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Mohammed Zubair
This old video of mother sitting between train carriages with infant is from Bangladesh. Here is fact check
Thousands of labourers and their families from across the country have embarked upon a journey on foot to their native villages because they are out of jobs and have run out of money. The restriction...
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sunj20 May 18
Ka bhai, Times of india sey fact check churaye ho??
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कुँवर कौशल सिंह जादौन May 18
ये आगया क्रेडिट लेने अगर इतने ही सत्यवादी हो तो इसका फेक्ट चेक करके लिखो की ये व्यक्ति झूठ फैला रहा है। यहां कमेंट में सफाई से क्या होता है भाई। इसको उजागर करो
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Being Myself 🇮🇳 #SociallyDistant May 18
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Association Of Small Tweeter Accounts May 18
Twitter is knowingly and whole heartedly enabling and allowing spread of such fake and hateful news/pics and videos bcos its reporting menu does not include FAKENEWS as an item to be reported.
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Madla May 18
Good job fact checking
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Praful Rathore May 18
Thanks for confirming Alt news. Siddiqui ji take down the post plz
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Saitender Razdan May 18
Kitne Besharam ho tum Jahadi Chacha
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MandySlaria May 18
chicha kabhi sach bhi share kar liya kar ya Ramazan main jhooth hi bolta hai ??
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🕉️ यत्र तत्र सर्वत्र !! May 18
Ramzan me bhi jhooth faila raha! Ye kahe ka Mu$lm, ye to nafrat ka dalaal hai! Inko sharia wali 1000 kode kee punishment kyu nahi de sakte ?? After all, they want personal law board so they shd b ok with some punishments under the same garb too!
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