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Godzilla vs. Podcast Zero
Today we talk with James Igbo! It’s CRAZYYYYY Also, this is our last ep of our first “season”! We’ll be returning in the new year after Haley returns from Godzilla week in Tokyo and both Haley and travel for the holidays!
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UnderMyFavoriteCorkTree Oct 22
Just found you guys after hearing Haley on "How did this get played." I was a BIG Godzilla fin back in the day. Drove my folks nuts trying to find stuff for me to play with. Got into the films through saturday afternoon double features on TV. Godzilla vs Hedorah a favorite.
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Godzilla vs. Podcast Zero Oct 22
That will be our first ep of the next season! Thanks for listening!
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Richard Oct 25
Listening now. You guys mentioned the tusks SG has. I remember years ago someone observing they are a trait that seems to have come from Biollante.
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🏴‍☠️ Maddox 🏴‍☠️ Oct 25
Good eye!
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Adam Falcone Oct 23
This is another movie where I have way too much to say about so I'll just say one thing to avoid looking like a psycho: the plan to kill Godzilla with a blood bullet when we've seen repeatedly rockets don't pierce his skin is INSULTING.
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Adam Falcone Oct 24
And if you're at all interested I bookmarked this translation of A Space Godzilla sometime ago.
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CIA brain bugs Oct 22
I can't express how awesome this podcast is. Thank you both so much.
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Giant Monster BS Oct 25
So a new episode won’t be out until 2020?
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joe Oct 23
Maddox has a child’s bedspread
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Frosty Oct 23
You should tag your co-hosts, too, G-money. Not just yourself.
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