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Godzilla vs. Podcast Zero
Despite some audio problems, we were THRILLED to have amazing artist come on and talk , the graphic novel (vol 1)! Pull up w/ and and listen! had big opinions on this one!
‎Show Godzilla vs Podcast Zero, Ep E14 - Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters - Yehudi Mercado - Jul 17, 2019
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B Trizzle 17 Jul 19
I'm waiting for the official podcast zero socks
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Jay Hasrajani 17 Jul 19
That minute I had was full of opinions 🦖
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Will Young 17 Jul 19
I hate that literally almost all of the IDW Godzilla comics are out of print 😭😭😭
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Adam Falcone 18 Jul 19
I'm with Jay the artwork in Kingdom of Monsters doesn't do it for me. Rulers of Earth though, now that's a different story...
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Jay Hasrajani 18 Jul 19
Right! BUT also wanna reiterate, comic artists are under a lot of stress with deadlines! I cannot Blake the artist!
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