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Zach Leatherman
Shot: Chaser: Were y'all working on this before the suggestion was made? If not, a one month turnaround is very impressive. 🤩
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Sarah Drasner 10 Jul 19
Replying to @zachleat @Netlify
We were working on it before :) it was extremelllyyy funny to see that tweet tho.
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Amelia Bellamy-Royds 10 Jul 19
That explains all the single emoji responses from Netlify folks… 😉
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shawn swyx wang 10 Jul 19
we’ve been 👀 ing for a while!
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Phil Hawksworth 11 Jul 19
Ha ha. This has been underway for a while. And keeping my big mouth shut while people mused about how it might be a nice thing to see, has been ruddy difficult.
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Jake Dohm 11 Jul 19
lol that’s always the weirdest. When someone’s talking about something like a feature or product that you know about but can’t talk yet 🙊. Very validating tho!
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