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Yevhen Fedchenko
. manufactures new fake - postal stamps allegedly by state postal service : Tineye does not recognize it, it's not in postal official catalogue, it does not contain any barcode or series number, year or price. Try harder next time, guys!
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Yevhen Fedchenko 27 Apr 18
Replying to @RepRoKhanna
you were misled - and more fakes like this will build up into more fake narratives
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Children of Soros #NotOurTsar 28 Apr 18
So I traced those posts back to their original source where the post's author openly admits this is not an official stamp issue - "if only we could see an official one"
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Julian D Wynnyckyj 27 Apr 18
look they have to earn their pay if this act goes south do you know what it's like sitting in the back row of a cubicle farm at Yasenevo?
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Выживший в уме 28 Apr 18
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Galina Ackerman 29 Apr 18
А какой интерес выпускать эти марки? В чем фишка?
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Glasnost Gone 28 Apr 18
And guess who tagged and expects to RT this cliche, fake, Nazi propaganda? Putin's puppet - . Again Phillips is helping Russia promote hatred of .
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(((Exile Trump to 88022 ZIP Code, in New Mexico))) 3 May 18
.Gee, for a nation of so-called traditionalist Christian values (ROC version), the Russian govt. sure breaks the Ninth Commandment a lot. ("Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.") Extra points for committing this sin against their actual geographical neighbor.
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