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Greenskull 26 Oct 15
Closing thoughts: Halo 5 Campaign - very much like Halo 2. Ups and downs. Halo 5 multiplayer - arguably the best in the series.
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Geordie Flash 30 Oct 15
absolutely!! It hasn't tried to overcomplicate things and just delivers a smooth, fun and competitive FPS
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Next gen has begun 30 Oct 15
just a shame the campaign was rubbish
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Taken 30 Oct 15
Replying to @wakeydog @xboxuk and 2 others
I thought campaign was AMAZING. :)
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#Broken Matt Rutland 30 Oct 15
but is there local multiplayer? I heard that has gone from this installment?? Can you please confirm?
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Gianni 30 Oct 15
Replying to @geekparagon
Yes, sadly there is no split screen
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Aaron Andrews 30 Oct 15
will let you know once it's installed
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Lukas 30 Oct 15
Replying to @xboxuk @Greenskull
i know nothing about The campain but The Multiplayer is The best i ever played i am now SR 19 :)
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13ersk Chaos 30 Oct 15
Loved campaign and now enjoying multiplayer :)
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Tiffany Peters 30 Oct 15
Don't listen to *him*. ;)
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Jacob Stamm 30 Oct 15
how is not being able to play any split-screen whatsoever "the best in the series"?
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