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local cryptid 🌊 Nov 8
Really wish games would let you change the font sizes. seems neat so far but I’m already so close to this TV & the font is way too small. I keep having to squint. It’s a migraine waiting to happen. It’s 2019!! This is such a basic accessibility issue!! Stop it!!
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local cryptid 🌊
I’ve literally been playing for 30 mins & can already feel the beginnings of a migraine behind my right eye. It was the same with FE3H. I couldn’t play that portable at all. This is such a simple thing to look over!! Fuck your aesthetics!! Let me read ur goddamn text!!
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Trevski, Sky Bird Nov 9
Replying to @xCharIes
I'm not sure if you're already aware of this, but in case you aren't, the Switch has a built-in zoom feature that might make it easier for you to read text.
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local cryptid 🌊 Nov 9
Replying to @TrevskyTheThird
Oh thank you! I didn’t know! I’ll be sure to use that in the future:)
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