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Greg Wyshynski
The f'n black third jerseys! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.
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Alex Szczesny 24 Oct 12
If we can get Jay-Z to rap about Lubomir Visnovsky I will lose my shit
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Craig Barker 24 Oct 12
Technically, Brooklyn is still on the Island, so that;'s something.
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Aaron LeKidd 24 Oct 12
I hope they are bringing back the captain highlighner logo. And Brett Lindros.
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Gonzo 24 Oct 12
I don't get it....about the black jerseys
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Leon Bolduc 24 Oct 12
Big announcement in NYC… Is the lockout's over???
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Rich Fuchs 24 Oct 12
"I'll watch hockey, and wear a black jersey, but I'm doing it ironically."
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Gym D 24 Oct 12
Brooklyn Islanders?
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