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Prompt: How did their friends and family react when the originators of Daylight Savings Time decided to steal an hour of everyone’s sleep?
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Dreaming of a New Story Idea? 3 Daylight Savings Time Prompts
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3 Essential Tips for How to a Series Readers Can't Get Enough Of
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An idea can’t be stolen. Two writers who begin with the same idea will create two vastly different stories.
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Should You Be Afraid That Someone Will Steal Your Ideas?
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What stresses your characters out the most? Don’t make their lives easy—force them to face it.
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Think you’re too young to ? Write anyway. You don’t have to publish a bestseller right now. Improvement is your main goal.
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Grammar refers to the ways we put words together in sentences to form meaning. Punctuation refers to all the symbols that enhance sentences and add clarity.
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How to Use Three-Act Structure to a Story Readers Can't Put Down
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Romance is about the sacrifices humans are willing to make, and how far they will go to find the one connection in life which surpasses all others. —Michelle Dalton
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Michelle Dalton on How to from the Heart
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Horror is about letting go of the norms in society. —Edmund Stone
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Before you can , you need to create space for your writing. Clear clutter off your desk to lower stress and allow you to focus on writing.
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Start Your New Year Right With These 5 Tips for Creativity
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When it comes to point of view, consistency is key. Transition points of view rarely, and only when it makes sense to do so.
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Story Grid: Revolutionize Your Story's Point of View With Free Indirect Style
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“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to . Simple as that.” —Stephen King
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You Should Read More. Here's How
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Commit to making incremental progress in your every day. Most overnight successes took years of work in the dark.
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