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Current longest waiting time at the Maelor is stated as over 4 hours. There are 57 people in the queue.
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Replying to @andrew4wrexham
Can you point us to the IRPW determination as we couldn't find it, think it is due next month. Was Weds budget a pre-funding decision for that likely outcome, pre-determining it? Article does note role of IRPW to keep it independent, and determination not recommendation
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Andrew Atkinson 8h
Replying to @wrexham
My understanding is this issue of pay increase is not Councillors awarding themselves a pay rise. Any budget from any party would have to include this provision to meet what's set by the independent pay body. Only way out of that is to opt out individually.
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10pm on a Saturday, what do you mean you are out partying and not reading about a specific detail of a budget that got passed this week? 😲
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Clare  Douglas 8h
anyone lost a young cat in Johnstown? It’s safe on Bangor rd. Please RT
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Ian Lucas MP 10h
Superb prospect for Wrexham - A Night at the Opera
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Niamh Power πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» 12h
I ❀️ living in Wales 😊
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BRC North Wales ILCR 12h
Our will be providing welfare & first aid in town centre tonight 10.30-4.30am.
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Acrefair Youth FC 13h
Thanks to U11s players, coaches and parents for a great morning of football all set against a spectacular view. Well done to both teams and all players.
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Nick Burdon 14h
Excellent lunch at in , highly recommended and the music's great too!
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Have you seen Kane? Police appeal this afternoon to help find missing Wrexham teenager:
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Christian Edwards 15h
Easter Bingo at St Giles School 19th March in aid of a previous pupil and Scout raising funds so he can go to the World Jamboree.
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Dale Webb 16h
Bit big for Johnstown 😣 but he made it
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David A Bithell 18h
Cold Night Clear Skies- Gritting Actions from 5pm and all Routes from Midnight -
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NWP Custody Wxm 18h
A 34 year old male arrested in Wrexham this morning on suspicion of 2 x historical rape offences, 2 x domestic assaults and theft of a motor vehicle. He will be interviewed later today.
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Loz 19h
the amount of bootcut jeans in Wrexham Spoons is illegal
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Jaime Milner 19h
If anyone is at Acton Park today for dratini action I’ve lured it up to the hilt! πŸ‰
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Replying to @justcallmeElen
Not had any communication from organisers so not a clue on official info or if there is any. Council have said Oak Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate closed 11-2 thats it.
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Elen Matthews 19h
Quick question - going to Wrexham half marathon tomorrow to support some friends. Any idea where's best to park? Thankyou in advance!
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Wales Comic Con 19h
The team are out and about in today for - See you at Acton Park for all the fun! πŸ‰
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