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News from (that's the hosted version). Follow for .org updates. Get support at: An product.
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The sites hosted with us should already have https, so , if you're still having trouble with a site on our servers, please get in to touch.
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Happy to all the leaders of tomorrow.
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Site owners can require commenters to register. This helps ward of trolls and what not. If you make an account for him, please be sure to check on age limits too: most require users to be 13+ or have signed parental permission. Let us know if you need help with that!
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Hi! I'll find out if we have a showcase for Premium sites. Also, can you clarify this? > Also, can I do a lead magnet on premium? If you need an outside plugin or outside scripts, you'll want the Business plan.
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Hi there! How can we help you exactly?
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Hi there! Can you please let us know your site's address and describe us the issue you're having so we can better assist you?
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Hi there! If you want to reopen your account, please reply to the account closure email we have sent you. You can learn more about how account restoration works here:
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What is the domain, and what exactly does the message say? Are you able to tweet us a screen shot of the error message?
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No need to apologise :) Happy we could help sort things out for you.
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£84 is the cost of a plan. £15 would be a domain only. So most likely you upgraded your site to one of our paid plans at some point. If you think there has been an error, please open a support ticket at so we can take a look.
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Scheduled posts have to be triggered by an event, like a page view, on or after the scheduled time. If your site is not getting a lot of traffic at the scheduled time there might be a delay before it publishes, but it will become less noticeable as your traffic grows.
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If you have a Premium Plan and a domain, that is correct. $96 for the plan plus $18 for the domain - a domain is only free with a plan for the first year, and from the second renews at the regular retail price.
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To which site are you trying to upload a theme? If the site is hosted with us on , you'll only be able to upload a theme on our Business Plan:
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This is not a bug. That's a job ad for PHP coders written in fake PHP code. If you click on it, it will take you to the page describing that position. Thanks for letting us know, though :)
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Interesting. What browser is this happening in?
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It affects everything, as your site loads from your hosting provider's servers, not ours, and you're using a completely different version of the WordPress software as we use on . We have no control, nor even influence over, how your site works.
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Is this on ? That site is not hosted on our servers, and we have no control over how it works. Please contact your hosting provider, or try the forums at for help with that site.
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On what site are you working? And how exactly are you trying to add photos? If your site is hosted on , please contact support at so we can help you there.
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Replying to @bixmediocre
We've not had any other reports of this happening, so this has to be something very specific to your setup. Please open a support ticket so we can investigate in more detail.
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