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Magic: The Gathering
When we asked for an preview, said that he didn't have any big rares to spare. So instead we told him to hit us with the V A P O R W A V E Here's Phase Dolphin, with art from !
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@patricklickman Apr 3
that flavour text is very "and it shows"
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BrutalEquinox Apr 3
The amount of times this card could have had its creature type changed to Dolphin could not possibly be zero, and yet this Dolphin is a Whale.
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waluouija board Apr 3
No dolphins in the game, typed or otherwise, but dolphins and whales are both cetaceans, so scientifically it's really not that big of a break
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a literal sandwich Apr 3
Love the art 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
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P̷̲̤̙̾͝ub̶̨̅̔͝Tr̸͙͉̈́̈͝ic̵̹̰̬̀͘ks̶̛̖͊̀tẻ̸̙̦r Apr 3
That’s a beautiful whale.
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Newly Minted Adora 🏳️‍🌈 Apr 3
Replying to @wizards_magic
Hi yes, VERY cool. But, will be getting the showcase arts in arena? Not the godzilla art since you already confirmed that. But the cool comic book showcase arts that I love
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Magic Esports Apr 3
That's a mighty fine whale, if we say so ourselves.
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Rachel Agnes Apr 3
Whale whale whale
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Emma Partlow, the Great Creator ✨ Apr 3
Gonna have a whale of a time with this one.
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yugioh monstershot Apr 3
Where’s the horse for the set? I would like to see a big horse
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