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Wizard 👑
Black screen on apple iphone 6, 6s and 7! I have encountered many many times with a blackscreen when I wanted to use my camera. and then I have to reboot the phone to be able to use the camera again. what is going on?
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Apple Support 18 Jun 18
Replying to @wizard_design
We'd like to help. Let's get to the bottom of this together. To clarify, are you currently having this exact same issue with three different iPhones? When did you first notice this issue?
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Wizard 👑 18 Jun 18
Replying to @AppleSupport
I had different iphones. Right now I have downgraded to iphone 6. My wife who has the same problem has 6s. This will happen from the time we updated to the latest ios. Camera freezes and won't work randomly and it won't fix by closing and opening the app.
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Aga Kausar Husein 19 Jun 18
I am facing the same issue on my iphone 6. current ios 11.4. Awaiting for solution.
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Apple Support 19 Jun 18
Replying to @agakausar
Hi there. Were you able to get any help for this issue? Let us know in DM. We'll go from there.
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