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Marco Arment Oct 31
I hear the same stories repeatedly from inside Apple: - almost no time to fix bugs - literally zero time to fix older or non-urgent bugs - far more layers of management since Cook - problems don’t/can’t get communicated upward - increased division so teams can’t coordinate
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🆆il 🆂hipley, his arms wide
(I don’t retweet things like this lightly — all my savings are in Apple stock and any loss of reputation for them hurts me directly, but I think fixing this would help them — and me — long-term.)
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PenguinTweet Nov 1
You should diversify your stock holdings 🙂 I have Apple stock also, not sure what we say here affects their reputation. iOS 13 bugs annoying but don’t hear normal people discussing them. Normal people discuss anything involving money, like needing storage subscription for backup
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