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Will Cosgrove
Some days I just sit and think about how great these green turn-by-turn signs in Apple Maps were. Now we just get boring black.
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Will Cosgrove Jan 31
Replying to @enriquegrant1
I did. :)
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Stephanie Zarr Feb 1
Replying to @willco007
I know uour looking at this differently than me. But I use maps several times a week. Don’t you think the contrast of the black is easier to distinguish? Even if it isn’t as pretty....? Just over here being annoying by challenging something I don’t fully understand lol...
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Will Cosgrove Feb 3
Replying to @stephzarr
Oh probably. This screenshot is a bit washed out and they could always have made the green a bit darker to improve the contrast (see google maps). Actual road signs aren’t black, they are green, so it does work… 🙂
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Mario Guzman Jan 31
Replying to @willco007
Because EVERYONE wAnTs A cLeAn Ui.
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