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Natanael Arndt ن
Just released 3.1.0! The cool new feature is that you can now build pages from a endpoint. Checkout the CHANGELOG and README for details. We hope you like it.
📃 A Jekyll plugin to include RDF data in your static site or build a complete site for your RDF graph - white-gecko/jekyll-rdf
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Jeremy Debattista 27 Nov 18
Replying to @white_gecko @akswgroup
Cool stuff! how would it work? should I for example define my profile and projects using FOAF and then generate the jekyll page using these definitions? or is there a particular schema that I should use? Can I use this on git pages as well?
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Natanael Arndt ن 27 Nov 18
Replying to @jerdeb @akswgroup
Your first option is exactly what it is about. Jekyll Templates+RDF=Page. The result can be hosted on github pages, but to install the plugin you have to do the build locally or with travis. I've also made a video explaining how to use :
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