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I built . The only reliable way to contact me:
Tweets Nov 18
Replying to @wenbinf
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This is the 117th time that I try to launch Listen Notes API :)
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Yet another “Netflix for podcasts” experiment. We’ll see...
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How to handle rejection
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Ctrl + c !
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Listen Notes Nov 2
Listen Notes Launches Feature That Estimates Popularity of Podcasts Learn more:
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Replying to @XuYi17
Sure. Email me: 👋
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I don’t like people who mention my name every 2 minutes during our conversation. I know some 1950s sales books teach to do so, but probably won’t work well in the 21st century.
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I copied the exact same infra from my former employer Nextdoor (the 2013~2016 version), which is also very similar to Instagram's infra before acquisition. It's certainly not the best choice, but I know it works & it can easily support at least 20m users on a tight budget :)
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Sitesh Shrivastava Oct 21
Full stack coverage of technologies for entire application + infra stack is so good now at effectively free rate to start. Post on by elaborates this well:
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Dion Lim Oct 18
EXCLUSIVE: Owner of iconic Golden Gate Cookie Factory jumps in & flashes his conceal carry weapon- to protect a tourist who is attacked by the man in the black sweatshirt. Kevin told me "I had to protect my people, protect my employees and the guests."
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Replying to @ilyasu
Thanks to the extensive training of TOEFL and GRE exams, I figured out the answer after reading this long email 😃
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Whenever a company I like got acquired, I binge-listen their founders podcast interviews :) So ...
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Replying to @david_perell
That’s what people do in China. It’s more like a 3-hour lunch time. Nap after lunch . Or even go home for lunch and nap and return to work at 3pm in small towns 996 is not working 12-hour day. It’s working 3 to 4 hours + 3-hour lunch + ping pong / video game + doom scrolling :)
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Since Dec. 2017, I've listened to more than 4,000+ podcast episodes... How? 1. Don't subscribe to podcasts. Just add individual episodes to the master playlist (unbundling podcasts) 2. 1.5x ~ 2x speed 3. AirPods
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Replying to @canzhiye
Build a chrome extension!
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Replying to @nikitabier
For developed counties, yes. Instagram didn’t launch its Android app until the week they got acquired by FB (April, 2012). For developing countries (including China), maybe.
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I hear many “here’s the deal” tonight... Guess who has a podcast with the same name :)
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Replying to @Suhail
Reminds me of this article . “Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else.”
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