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Warner Bros. TV
Happy week! The panel just got more super with Supergirl and Wonder Woman! and from the voice cast will be there to tell you all about the new series! Friday at 12:30 p.m., Room 6DE
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雨音の雫(あまおとのしずく) 16 Jul 18
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Eric Cole 17 Jul 18
Love Nicole 💚🖤💚🖤
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D. J. Conzer 16 Jul 18
Replying to @warnerbrostv
Who are the VAs for Zatanna, Bumblebee and Green Lantern ?
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Danny Martinez 16 Jul 18
Replying to @DJConzer @warnerbrostv
For the latter two, Teala Dunn and Cristina Milizia could reprise their roles from the Shea Fontana series. For Zatanna, it could be a role reprisal from JenniferHale (JLU) KateMicucci (Lego Flash) KariWahlgren (video games) or someone new will voice her.
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KCoats 23 Jul 18
Why does Supergirl look
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