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Ibn Walid
Watch what one of the young girls from who were kidnapped by said after she and the others were freed by the Syrian army. The expression on her father's face when she said she feared she would never see him again 😢 Video via
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Ibn Walid 14 Nov 18
Replying to @walid970721
The families from whose members were kidnapped by ISIS and recently liberated by the Syrian army with President Assad
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Bird On A Mission 9 Nov 18
Tears watching this. Thankyou Walid and Marwa for the translation. ❤️
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Pam 9 Nov 18
Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time you can not watch and cry 🙏
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miri wood 9 Nov 18
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Judy 9 Nov 18
This makes me sad. How could people be so evil I can’t comprehend, especially towards children.
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Cicero Rho 9 Nov 18
It's wonderful to see loved ones reunited!
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Monique 9 Nov 18
Thank you both for sharing and Walid thank you so much for translating. This is so heartbreaking, I'm so happy they are safe and reunited with their families.
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Nick Bickel 9 Nov 18
Delighted some escaped with their lives; but can't bear to think what they went through. Shameful that this is likely to be the first that 95% of Western public will have heard about the summer massacre of hundreds in Sweida, aided and abetted by US. Any comment, ?
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Ignatios 9 Nov 18
We should all thank God for what the Syrian Army has done.
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