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Biggest➕ best conference in 🌎😍 13,14,15 FEB 2019. 2000+Attendees⭐️Final tickets: 🎟(€7⃣9⃣9⃣ for 3-Day
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Elena Gancheva 9h
Such a great vibe and a commitment to make positive changes that last - and 💗It was such a pleasure meeting so many wonderful people. Shout-out to 🙏🎉
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Debbie O'Brien 11h
Look who’s speaking at in Verona Italy in April. Yes Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So excited to be able to give this talk on and . I hope I do and proud
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JamesVueJS 12h
Thank you all so much! My energy is LOW but my ❤️ is full! From all the old friends that i met again, to the new people who’ve entered my life. Can’t wait to see you all again soon❤️😍
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Replying to @jakecodes @sarah_edo
Thank you so much for coming along. Amazing to meet you in person for the second time (after all the calls😅). See you again soon!
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Jacob Schatz 19h
Thanks for having me ! It blows my mind every time we get together how kind and welcoming everyone in the Vue community is. Just a bunch of really great people. Also was dearly missed.
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Replying to @loreenaramonda
Thank you SO much for joining us! See you very soon and so glad you enjoyed it!
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Lorena Ramonda 🧚‍♀️ Feb 16
This is what was expecting us there at the 😍 A M A Z I N G! Thanks for this awesome experience!
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Sean Thomas Larkin (肖恩) Feb 15
Getting Rick Roll'd by those God damn Europeans.
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Dobromir Hristov Feb 16
Someone had fun at the airport luggage department with my logo on my suitcase 😂🤣
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SogeTinus Feb 16
Thanks for sharing the
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Debbie O'Brien Feb 16
Home amd so tired but wow what an amazing 3 days in and last night was incredible. You guys rock 🎸 and wow such incredible and talented speakers. see you in Barcelona. ❤️
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Natalia Tepluhina @Amsterdam 🇳🇱 Feb 16
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Replying to @FilipaLacerda
Thank you so much for coming along. Looking forward to seeing you again soon🤗
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Filipa Lacerda Feb 16
Thank you for having me ! It was amazing to meet you all! You can find my slides here
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Replying to @xavism9
Thank you for coming❤️
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Xavi Sanchez Feb 16
It has been 3 amazing days, where I learned and enjoyed a lot. Thx for your hard work. For sure we’ll be there next year 🇳🇱
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Damian Dulisz Feb 15
Hey! Here are the slides and demo code from my talk yesterday at called "Composing Components".
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Replying to @EmmaWedekind
Thank you so much! Great to have you there🤗
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Emma Wedekind ✨ Feb 16
Had the most incredible time in Amsterdam at . Met so many incredible people and saw so many beautiful things 😁 Now, I’m motivated to go home and work hard 👍🏻👩🏻‍💻
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Lynne Feb 16
Now for the difficult task of placing stickers... they weren’t lying when they said it’s the best place for dev stickers
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