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AI driven Data Quality, Risk Auditing & Anomaly Detection platform
Tweets Nov 1
Version 4.0 of has been released. Our platform is feature complete for and and is the last release for 2020.
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Francois Dion Oct 5
Excel works, until it doesn't. With scheduled checks, () would have caught this issue (spelled out, in this case), and many more. Data quality matters. Get in touch to learn more.
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Pivot tables in dashboards just got easier
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Dion Research LLC Jul 25
The Dion Research Blog: The 10 colors of Pi (visualizations for the color impaired ...
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As we are completing version 3.2 of (now with a centralized customized meta data catalog) we are already hard at work on v4.0 with more ways 2 make sure data, transforms & models are fair, reducing risk & exposure to litigation.
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That's why Data Quality is important.
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Francois Dion Mar 30
Replying to @EricSchles @willkurt
Encountered that problem some years back. stability is one of the metrics I track in EDA, in modeling, in pipelines and once deployed, on the incoming data, based on feature and granularity. Implemented in See other metrics:
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Francois Dion Feb 28
And that's not even covering the prediction part, build models for you and you can publish them at the click of a button... simplified
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Dion Research LLC Feb 28
Why not both? is a dashboard, but you can drag and drop notebooks and they become part of the visualizations, reports etc. You can also get clean data back in a notebook or export to an session.
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From spreadsheet to deployed model in production. Is this expressed in months, weeks, days, hours? With it could even be expressed in minutes. Check out tomorrow morning Feb 4th, in for a demo.
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Francois Dion Jan 27
I'll talk about and demo at Tech Slam in Winston Salem , Feb 4th
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Francois Dion Jan 1
Replying to @visu_ai
The challenge is that there is an embarrassment of riches. For software dev, I know what I'll use for & for consulting, so I avoid those, as I'll have plenty of practice through the year. Hence I will look at what I know little of, & probably be useful in the future.
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Replying to @visu_ai
Let's start at the top: Data Ingest Forget ETL. does automated ingestion, & allows the user to tweak the choices it made & learns from modifications the user makes. It knows about common things like addresses, and things like VINs, UPCs, & 100s more.
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Version 3.0 of has been released. based , , detection software, with automated end to end A product
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Francois Dion Dec 19
The Dion Research Blog: What grade of data are you using?
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Francois Dion 9 Oct 19
"At one time we had to advocate for the use of Python in businesses and prompt them to engage with the the SciPy/PyData ecosystem. Now Python data science is one of the most in-demand IT skills across every industry." And also, congratulations,
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Francois Dion 20 Sep 19
Replying to @amontalenti @visu_ai
Funny you mention this. I think email is underrated. I've set up to email results. Ie. Instead of waiting in front of the computer, it'll email me concise explanatory reports. Spend a few minutes feeding it data, hit a button then walk away and work on other stuff.
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Francois Dion 7 Oct 19
In these diagnostic plots while building a model on "what is your yearly pay", found an interesting relation: negative correlation between yearly pay & "my skills hold me back much more than my tools do". Lesson: focus on upping your skills
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Francois Dion 7 Oct 19
Last month, while waiting on the train, I was playing around with the 2019 survey data, using - mostly in regards to diagnostic plots while building models, more than explanatory or exploratory. Then I moved on to other things. But I thought I'd share:
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Mapping where in the world are the members of with . All around the globe, really!
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