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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email
An MIT PhD exposes who will profit from the “Climate Change” HOAX & why it was right that pulled out of the pollution-incentivizing Paris Accords.
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bruce haulley Sep 26
Really smart, insightful presentation. From an economics perspective, what Al Gore is trying to do is called "rent-seeking", which is simply stealing value from productive economy. Gore would become wealthy. I looked up the article he mentioned:
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Carol Darling Oct 4
Gore made millions while in Office like others before him but this sham or hoax of scaring the masses is his worse performance to date. He made millions & not one single prediction he listed in his first book happened. Using scare tactics is one sure way to predict a flim flam.
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Steve The Fish Sep 24
In a perfect world, Dr. Shiva, you'd be a member of Trump's cabinet. You embody the MAGA movement far more than so many of these lame Republicans. You should be Trump's surgeon general or head of the FDA and EPA simultaneously to expose their corruption.
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Carole Mac Sep 24
Noooo. That administration is WAY too tainted. This guy seems like the real deal. He can be fresh for a 2024 POTUS run.
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Bea Reardon Sep 24
Senator Markey is weak & putting up the Kennedy brand against him is the sign the Dems smell blood in the water. Reach out to DJT & Republicans to get their nomination for the Senate race. Independents, Greens & Libertarians get no traction in Blue MA.
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xileen worcester⚘ Sep 24
Senator Ed Markey and Senator Elizabeth Warren are both pro-vaccine. VOTE THEM OUT or Massachusetts will be in the same position as California where kids are kicked out of school if they refuse toxic vaccines.
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Michael Keating Sep 26
Outstanding. And it should be mandatory in all schools for students to read showing them that they must think for themselves and not just accept the word of the famous,rich and powerful.
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Lars Pellinat Sep 28
Since pay too, why do they play along and do not push back hard? After all most in the require at least $3 million donations a year to stay in office - Is it not time to cut these ? - -
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Lars Pellinat Oct 4
PS: Found the reason to my above question: In , where the is now reality, 2.000 are exempt from paying CO2-Tax. So the big guys pay nothing, the small companies & taxpayers get ripped off!
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