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Michael Colletti Apr 19
I just discovered and I'm absolutely giddy. So many things to explore. Thank you !
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Replying to @devnullid
Glad to have you with us!
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Access to government datasets allows communities to hold their governments accountable and build informed arguments for what really matters to them in the public policy space.
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How can we make it easier to exchange and combine interoperable data across the disparate boundaries of government? Find out in this April 17 webinar With , , , & 10x at
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Replying to @kendraspock
We will follow up with NOAA do you mind emailing it will be easier to send an update/response from NOAA if we receive it.
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18F Mar 5
Introducing the U.S. Data Federation. The goal of this 10x project is to make it easier to collect, combine, and exchange data from disparate sources across the government. Learn more in our new post!
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Open Knowledge Intl Mar 1
Happy 2019! Today we'll be sharing highlights from nearly 300 events that are happening all across the world in celebration of and its benefits for government, business and civil society. Follow for live updates!
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Replying to @GPHemsley
Could you put the question in an email to It will help us route the question properly to the team responsible for that API. Thank you!
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Replying to @GPHemsley @alexford
Can you clarify which API - still the CMS one from this thread?
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For additional details on the dataset count:
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displays a lower dataset total today. This is the result of an effort this week to delete duplicate datasets from the catalog. There were many duplicate entries due to a previous harvesting problem. We will post details soon on .
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All sites are live. We thank our users for their patience and support!
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House Press Gallery Dec 21
The House concurred in the Senate amendment to H.R 4174 - Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2017 by a vote of 356-17. The House is voting now on S. 3277 - Space Frontier Act of 2019.
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Replying to @ZappedOne
Thanks for the report. The issue should be resolved now.
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Replying to @kurtpankau
Thanks for the report. The issue should be resolved now.
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NASA Nov 26
LIVE NOW: We’re about to have our first in six years! The landing kicks off a two-year mission for the spacecraft to study Mars' deep interior. Tune in & watch live coverage now:
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The comment period for has been extended. Go to by Nov. 23 and tell us how the draft practices can support achieve your agency’s mission.
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USAID Nov 13
Where can you find dozens of datasets from around the world on everything from in Cambodia to in Jordan? In USAID's Development Data Library (DDL)! Explore the new resource:
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HHS Office of the Chief Technology Officer Oct 30
Submissions for this are due tomorrow!
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UK Stats Authority Oct 24
Head of International Nicola Shearman chairing a discussion on reporting. The online reporting platform developed together by , and has now been adopted by , showing "the beauty of open source."
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