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Judicial Watch 🔎 May 6
“Right now, the FBI is still sitting on 8k pages of records on Strzok/Page emails. The FBI under Wray has taken the position that no text messages that Page/Strzok/McCabe sent out are subject to FOIA. The cover-up is continuing under Wray,” President .
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SadieP May 6
Where is Barr?! Time for him to actually “DO” something!
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Who is this Barr character you speak of? I guess there have been no commencement speech opportunities or weddings for him to pop up in. Who was the other guy from Alabama that vanished right after being sworn in?
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SadieP May 7
Barr is gifted with words, unfortunately it appears that’s the extent. Empty threats and no follow through. What a huge disappointment!
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