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Jessica❤️ Apr 10
Hey since 120 of your planes are grounded, I hope you’re upgrading them all to have wifi on board. Also, I had to pay $400 to cancel my flights a day prior to the new covid policy and I’d really like that travel bank back please ❤️💖 Love you all at WestJet. Stay safe!!!
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JinnysJoe Apr 10
Replying to @trustednerd @WestJet
Do you really think at this time airlines should be worrying about onboard wifi? please reconsider your refund on grounds of force majeure. (at least for this customer,(Consumer?)a serial litigant, who wouldn't fit in your seats and would make a complaint about it.)
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Stop with the fucking fat jokes. I am not fat AT ALL. This is discriminatory, disgusting and you need to stop. NOW.
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