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Well, spring is still some way off, so perhaps you're planning some guaranteed sunshine. One such disease you really don't want to get is . Learn more about Malaria here, the signs and symptoms and where to get .
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With its music, beaches and zest for lift, Brazil is one of the most exciting countries to visit in the world! Make sure you're up to date on your before you travel there. It's a lot easier to dance to if you're well!
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Does your or offer vaccinations? We'd love for you to sign up to our service so we can bring you more customers! Just register here:
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Meningitis Research Feb 17
No single vaccine can prevent EVERY type of meningitis, so it's really important to always know the symptoms. These are the vaccines currently available which do offer protection from certain types: ➡ Meningococcal (inc. MenACWY, MenB, etc) ➡ Pneumococcal ➡ Hib ➡ MMR
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Here at we tell you which you need to abroad, advise you on when to have them and provide you with a platform where you can search and compare travel clinics with the criteria you need. Basically, we want to make it easy for you! 🏝
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You know what, it's Friday and we've got that , so let's have a . Who is going on a trip outside of Europe in 2019?
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is one of our planet's great examples of the wonders of the natural world. Along with a good supply of camera batteries, you'll also need to have had for some diseases! It's just not worth the risk to get ill!
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Yellow Fever is a disease that is often mild, but has the potential to become fatal. About half of infections that enter the second phase result in death. Is that really worth the risk? Book in your jabs today if you'll be travelling to an affected area:
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Have you ever dreamed of soaring above the majestic skyline of in a hot air balloon? Here's the jabs you'll need to get before visiting ! You'll enjoy the vistas a lot more if you're feeling well!
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is very important. It is backed up by study and science. As we celebrate day, let's remember the amazing achievements and advancements in using to prevent illnesses.
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Meningococcal is a very serious disease, which can spread easily in large crowded gatherings such as and . If you're visiting a region this year where this disease is prevalent, be sure to obtain your .
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Nutricia ELN UK Feb 4
Our Baby Symptom Checker provides practical suggestions to help healthcare professionals when trying to calm a crying baby. Click on the image below to find out more.
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Meningitis Research Feb 7
Q. Why do some people get meningitis or septicaemia, but not others? A. We do not yet fully understand why some people get ill from germs that are harmless to most of us. Babies and young children are at higher risk, partly because their immune systems are not fully developed.
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Meningitis Research Feb 7
Limb loss is just one of the many possible after effects of meningitis, but a "disability" doesn't have to mean a life less able. If limb loss following meningitis has affected your life, we're here to support you as we work together in defeating this disease.
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Seeing the amazing Angkor Wat in is definitely on our . Is it on yours? If it is, there's some jabs you'll need to get first to make sure you don't fall victim to certain diseases. Book in your today!
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Meningitis Research Feb 5
The days may (finally!) be getting longer, but meningitis isn't exclusively a winter disease. Anyone of any age can contract meningitis, whatever the weather, at any time of year. Don't be complacent now that January's behind us - make sure you know the signs.
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If you are planning a pilgrimage to and later this year, you will be required to give proof of vaccination to visit. Make getting your jabs an important part of your plans by finding where your nearest clinic is here:
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NPA Feb 4
By following the expert clinical advice of community pharmacists you can help the NHS help you stay well, prevent an illness getting worse and get well again sooner. before it gets worse. Visit for more information.
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Today on , we're jetting off to the other side of the world to explore glorious . Its scenery is something to behold. Have you visited before? If so, share your pics! Don't forget your jabs if you're planning to visit soon!
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In many cases nowadays, insurance companies believe that if you fall ill and it is a direct result of not taking the correct then they have every right not to pay out. Don't risk voiding your own policy! Get your shots booked in!
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