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WHO Philippines 24h
Are you in nearby communities of Mount Mayon? Stay safe by following these health tips during volcano eruptions. 🌋
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Darren 💊 💻📱☕ Jan 14
Just heard on news that there is a call for patients to get a within next 2 weeks. Cold weather on the way & flu like illness spreading. I know still have stock the quad vaccine for the moment
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Traveller Assist Jan 14
⚠️ - A 7.1 magnitude has struck in the Pacific Ocean near in Peru's Region. warnings have been issued for coastal Peru and . At least two deaths and 65 injuries have been reported.
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IAMAT Jan 14
Travelling to an area with transmission? Be aware that Zika can be sexually transmitted during your trip and after you return: More info:
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Travelling to UAE? Find your local travel health clinic that can advise you about vaccinations for UAE on
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PublicHealthEngland Jan 12
Our new blog answers important questions about and flu vaccines
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Leyla Hannbeck Jan 8
teams please be aware of a number of indemnity cases re incidents involving Rabeprazole 20mg & Rivoraxaban 20mg. In one of the cases already taking has been hospitalised & is in a serious condition.
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IAMAT Jan 10
We love how technology can make travel easier. This app helps and travellers navigate :
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the only innovative independent digital platform sending travel patients independent pharmacy travel clinic. Our future partnerships show our commitment to independent pharmacies.
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Flu circulating across Europe and Central Asia. Click here to find out more. All the travel health clinics provide flu vaccination. Why don't you gets yours now.
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Travelling to Japan? Syphilis Awareness. Visit to find your nearest travel health clinic.
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Travelling to South Africa? Check out the link below Click on to find out which vaccines you need and where to get them.
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Travelling to ? Be aware of water restrictions:
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Abbotswood Pharmacy Jan 5
case admission in hospital are on the rise, step into your today to get protected with the or even a cost effective private jab.
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Rekha Shah Jan 5
If you are between 18&25 years of age, Protect yourself, your family and friends against the main strains of - has made it so easy for you - simply walk in and ask at one of the many
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PublicHealthEngland Jan 4
Hospitalisation levels are 2.5x higher than the same point last year. It’s not too late to get the flu vaccine
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HealthMap Dec 26
outbreak update: WHO - Outbreak News Today
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Jane Chiodini Jan 3
New version of the Keep your vaccines healthy poster from Public Health England. just published @ …/publ…/keep-your-vaccines-healthy-poster
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Gavi Jan 3
We're looking forward to helping countries make new typhoid , which now have 's seal of approval✅
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TravelHealthPro Jan 3
Health advice for aid workers travelling to assist with the refugee crisis in . New information and recommendations on prevention in our news item on :
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