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Voyager Medical Mar 19
Vaccinated health care workers had a 30 percent reduction in absenteeism compared with non vaccinated health care workers.
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IAMAT Mar 19
In case you missed it, this is a great resource for practitioners!
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Jane Chiodini Mar 18
Travel Health Update in Practice Nurse Journal. Read about important issues and topics in including vaccine administration, prescribing and training. See March issue at
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Safe Travels Magazine Mar 15
Quick Read: Indian court extends March 31 deadline for linking of biometric IDs
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RPS Mar 14
RPS President Ash Soni advises worried mums
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6 vectors that are a huge threat to our health:
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Neil Trainis Mar 13
Here's some great advice from a community pharmacist on how to help travellers avoid falling ill...and how pharmacists can make excellent revenue from a travel clinic.
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Leyla Hannbeck Mar 12
The General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force on 25th May. contractors will need to comply or face big fines. To learn more and find out what support is available to you listen to webinar on 15 March 7.30pm.
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Curious about the global impact of ? Learn about the challenges with , & in London on March 16. Register here:
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Gavi Mar 4
Great work, Malawi 🇲🇼! 🏥 60 immunisation sites 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 108,000 people immunised against cholera 🤝 100% teamwork! The Government has finished the first drive to immunise 108k people against cholera with support from & partners ➡️ 📷
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This thoughtful article on explains why vaccination is so important: It protects you and the communities you visit. (Scroll down to "Responsible Travel" in the latest newsletter.)
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NHS Choices Mar 2
Cold weather alerts are still in place for much of England. Make sure to check in on older people in your community:
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Safe Travels Magazine Feb 28
Duty of care, duty of loyalty, the importance of stress innoculation and making sure you a) have an appropriate and comprehensive travel risk plan in place and b) communicate and practice that plan - just some of the topics that were discussed yesterday at the .
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Traveller Assist Feb 27
How we're assisting and others to offer tailored solutions for in complex regions:
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RSTMH Feb 25
History has been made in the fight against fever, as first child in Africa vaccinated in a clinical trial using a new generation of typhoid vaccines.
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WHO Feb 21
ALWAYS seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics 💊 Help us stop the spread of . Let's !
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IAMAT Feb 17
Wondering what you'll need for your trip? Join IAMAT for free and try our Travel Health Planner:
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