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U.K.: an explosion at the arena occurred during a concert, causing casualties. Avoid the affected area.
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U.K.: explosion at Manchester Arena. Canadians, for emergency assistance; call us (toll-free) 00-800-2326-6831 or
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In emergencies abroad, it's important to stay connected to Canada. Sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad
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Thailand: explosion at the Phra Mongkut military training hospital in central Bangkok. Avoid the affected area.
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Thinking of travelling this summer? Make sure your covers hurricane season
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Want to help others? Read our information on volunteering abroad:
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Do you know who to call if you have an emergency abroad? We do
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Brijesh, We recommend re-installing the app, if the issue persists send details to
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Don’t get into trouble abroad. Avoid the risks related to drugs and travel.
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Always check the situation at your destination. Travel advisories can affect your insurance
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Canada Côte d'Ivoire May 15
The Embassy of Canada in Côte d'Ivoire is closed today May 15. For consular emergency or
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Don't forget to wish your mother a Happy , Canadian travellers!
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Mozambique: Updated entry/exit requirements regarding tourist visas
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Côte d'Ivoire: Avoid the vicinity of military camps due to protest actions by members of the armed forces
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We get lots of questions about the consent letter from travellers. Here are our FAQs to help you:
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Travelling abroad and wondering what vaccines you may need? Consult a travel health clinic for customized advice:
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IRCC May 10
Be sure to check entry rules before flying to Canada. You may need a visa or an eTA.
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Border Services May 10
Undervaluation at the border - Making false statements can lead to hefty penalties
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Healthy Canadians May 10
can damage the DNA of your skin cells. Learn how you can protect your skin and keep it happy & healthy.
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How much should you receive in compensation if your baggage is lost? Learn more >
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