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Doug Ellison 2 Feb 18
I’ve got to do a deep dive into the launch requirements of mission designs beyond LEO and compare F9 Arlas V 401, 551, FHeavy and FHeavy Expendable. I think a lot of people will be VERY surprised. Specific Impulse on the upper stage is everything.
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Tory Bruno
Nope. Kudos on digging through complicated Gov reports. I guess this is based on the USAF phase 1 acquisition? Yes, as I shared in 2015, DIVH used to be around $400. Now it’s around $350, give or take rqmnts. Look up PSP, which has an extras, for more recent data
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Andre 12 Feb 18
So payload capacity of FH EXPENDABLE is 63k kg to LEO, DIVH is 28k KG to LEO. Price for FH is 150M, price for DIVH is 350M. Are you developing any launch vehicles that can be at least 50% reused? Also, what do you think of the SLS? Do you agree with its existence and why?
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Tory Bruno 12 Feb 18
Yes. Vulcan/ACES
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Eric Ralph 13 Feb 18
Do you have a link? Trying to find that mentioned data, I've also relied on GAO in the past and would love an updated source
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