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Chris Olson
3 things about this photo of Zuck: Camera covered with tape Mic jack covered with tape Email client is Thunderbird
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Chris Olson 21 Jun 16
Replying to @ndyGrosso
check out the last paragraph here:
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Andy Grosso 21 Jun 16
Replying to @topherolson @WIRED
Thanks, dude... crazy.
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Andrew Heumann 21 Jun 16
Replying to @topherolson
are you sure thats thunderbird? looks more like cisco VPN client icon to me:
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Chris Olson 21 Jun 16
Replying to @andrewheumann
not 100% sure, definitely could be that VPN client. Very similar at that angle.
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jack 21 Jun 16
Replying to @ndyGrosso @topherolson
it’s actually covering the mic itself
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Rosyna Keller 21 Jun 16
The mic is historically in the speaker grill, so it's not being covered.
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overthewire 21 Jun 16
Replying to @topherolson @danhett
I was saying only today that I can't believe laptops don't come with hardware switchable cam+mic switches.
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psteudolus 21 Jun 16
making a webcam purely software controlled in this day and age is pure negligence
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BadFoodBlog YouTube 21 Jun 16
Replying to @topherolson @EdStern
He is asking to be hacked or does not like people seeing him frap on chat roulette?
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Ze CyberCynic 21 Jun 16
Replying to @topherolson @csoghoian
and browser is chrome
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