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Tom Perriello
On Tues, could become only the second AfAm ever elected statewide in VA. Hit those doors to make sure he is our next LtGov.
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Mike Higgins 5 Nov 17
Proud to vote for “people first” Dems like Wish i could pair it with one for too.
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Bob .. don't mess with Neera ... Berry. 5 Nov 17
you all are doing a great job. keep up the good work. a strong blue virginia is in reach.
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Wingchick 5 Nov 17
Been canvassing for Kellen Squire since Friday. Will canvas tomorrow and work the polls on Tuesday.
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Edith Schy 5 Nov 17
Thank you, for all your hard work on behalf of the democratic ticket in VA. Hope to see you on the ballot here again someday.
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Christopher Tyree 5 Nov 17
Not only is super qualified and honorable, his opponent is a 100% trump champion. Let’s get Justin elected!
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Anna McPherson 5 Nov 17
Let’s go!
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