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Todd Brix
If you build it, they will come. 100%+ increase in WP developer revenue & app downloads since WP8 launch in Nov. ,
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Eduardo Scoz 1 Dec 12
can you share real number? 100% increase can mean 10 bucks, FWIW.
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daniele margutti 1 Dec 12
the point is:what's the average absolute number before? :)
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Christopher 2 Dec 12
I'm pretty sure my downloads have gone down lol
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gullygod 2 Dec 12
you guys and your silly ; how can you make a claim like this without giving any really comparative figures. Are you serious?
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whackem 3 Dec 12
if u build it, they will come...if they see it. With the new limit on the size of the apps lists, 90% off apps are less visible.
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Todd Smith 3 Dec 12
That is vague and tells nothing about Windows Phone developer revenue & app downloads which you should definitely know.
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Paul Beaton 3 Dec 12
I have also seen a massive increase in downloads, impressions and revenue.
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Hexage 13 Dec 12
Not in our experience.
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Nate Kowal 27 Jul 14
Is it better now? Not that my five bucks will make a difference but I'm about to spend money on Reaper for WP. Update soon?
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AMP Storm Michael 28 Oct 14
game any good???
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