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WadeCross Oct 9
The lump in my throat after seeing this will never go away :(
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Miss Hot Pot Oct 9
Replying to @WadeCrosss
That poor child & what a pathetic father to allow her to do this to his son 😢 💔
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Well I'm sure she threatened him with the loss of you know... certain uh... privileges. My last relationship ended just months after marriage when she abruptly changed from step mom to saying choose your kids (from prev marriage aged 9, 11, 13) or her. Easy choice...
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Tobsters Oct 11
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Kat Chancellor..formly rammitim Oct 10
I met who turned out to be as close as brother starting 7th grade. His mom died and dad moved in some pig e/2 kids. She said her or his boy so he kicked his own son out. Later on after 30 yrs he looked up Chuck. Never did say sorry, just mooched money.
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mrs hatfield Oct 10
you're a good dad. some dads don't choose the children. I'm glad you chose yours.
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Roy Oct 10
That is the same reason why I left my ex wife. She said choose?!? I said my kids come before you. She had kids and I had kids. Her kids were spoiled brats. Bad kids. Mine? I put the fear of God in them when they were young. They were respectful. Now. They’re great adults.
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the deppendent peanutᴶᴰ Oct 12
You, Mr Tobsters, You are a king!
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☆Truffa☆ Oct 12
I'm so glad you had the balls to step on for your kids, if someone loves you they should love your kids too, they're part of you
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lyndseyjohannesen Oct 14
I’m so sorry. Not every woman is like this. I love my stepdaughter so much. I never tried to be her mom as she has a great mom and dad but she is a huge part of our family and treated as such. No one should EVER ask someone to choose their spouse over children.
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яαкєℓ Oct 10
Good for you! There’s so many men out there that somehow forget they have balls and allow these trifling women to “erase” their children!
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ايمي Oct 12
what a whore!!!!
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