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TJ Luoma
Apple liked ’s “Use ⌘P for ‘Save as PDF’” tip¹ so much they included it in the Mac App Store.² ¹ Ok, I’ll grant he originally got it from MacOSXHints (RIP) but he’s been talking about it for 10+ years: ²
‎Learn about The Power of Custom Shortcuts on App Store.
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Richard Lehmann Sep 6
Replying to @tjluoma @MacSparky
Can someone help me with a shortcut for tags? Is it "Tags [space] elipses" or "Tags[nospace] elipses" or Tags[periodperiodperiod]" or "Tags[space]periodperiodperiod? None seems to work....
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TJ Luoma Sep 6
If you mean Finder » File » Tags… it doesn't seem to be a normal menu item. I can't target it either with system preferences or even with , which is very unusual. I don't know what it's doing, but it even looks a little different than the other menu items.
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Steve Arenberg Sep 6
Replying to @tjluoma @MacSparky
App shortcuts require Mojave?
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