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TJ Luoma
Currently in a fight with : I moved a folder out of ~/Dropbox/. Dropbox tells me I can’t move that folder because there is a “.gdoc” file in it. Then it moves the entire folder back into Dropbox. No option to ignore. Yet another reason Dropbox should be sandboxed.
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Dropbox Support Aug 7
Replying to @tjluoma
Hi! Thanks for posting about this. Please DM us a screenshot of the error message you are getting. Could you also let us know if the .gdoc was originally created via the Dropbox desktop application? we appreciate your feedback and any additional info. Thank you!
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TJ Luoma Aug 7
Replying to @DropboxSupport
I don’t need to DM it, there’s nothing private here. This is just one example. The .gdoc link was not created via Dropbox, as far as I can remember. They were all several years old, before I think Dropbox had Google Drive integrations.
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