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TJ Luoma
Thanks to for pointing out Cursor Pro () $4/one-time — a nice alternative to “Mouseposé” which hasn’t seen any meaningful updates in years, but now has a new version being sold as a $10 annual subscription. A mouse highlighter. As a subscription.
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Brett Terpstra is socially distant 27 Apr 19
Replying to @tjluoma
Stop the madness.
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TJ Luoma 27 Apr 19
Replying to @ttscoff
Yup. I’m guessing the main reason they updated Mouseposé now was because it was 32-bit and wouldn’t work on the next version of macOS, so they had to. But what features are they going to bring to justify an annual subscription? …to an app they haven’t updated in years? Crazy.
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Andy Lee 30 Apr 19
Replying to @tjluoma @ttscoff
Ooh, I was *just* trying to remember what mouse highlighter apps I've used (it's been quite a few years -- I don't remember why I stopped). Mouseposé was one of them. I'll check out Cursor Pro.
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