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Glad to be there, learn and become experts!
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We paid a visit to our friends, partners and favourite design thinking tool Today! Look out for the videos 👀
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Justin Kazwell 2h
Replying to @MURAL @maurahoven and 2 others
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The 4th edition of will be taking place on the 13th & 14th of June 2019 in Oslo! Save the date 🗓 Register now for tickets!
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Get creative with hands-on content workshops and expert content creators at in Oslo this year!
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Great end to Day 2 of Outlook Forum 2019 with this talk . Thank you, we can all go back and reflect on all these stats and on all the takeaways from the last 2 days!
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Thank you to and for a great discussion on managing success!
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Technology is a great tool to reach out to visitors to enhance their experience and help get the message through.
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is working with corporate partners to educate the visitors: use reusable bottles, respect the environment, etc. There are so many initiatives, well done!
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makes it simple and wants you to visit the it’s a great initiative!
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is also working on changing the visitors’ pattern by identifying areas ready to welcome visitors other than the usual suspects. Key questions: where / when / who; still working on preserving the local culture!
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reinforces the message that if you want to get a sustainable experience for your visitors, you need to invest in infrastructure.
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visitors are encouraged to come at different times of the year, take the shuttle (entrance ticket included) and be more relaxed. There are new all electric bus, routes have been expanded. Hike, bike to enjoy the park. Changing the visitor pattern is key!
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Sustainable tourism requires infrastructure and is the local authority and, therefore, the only authority who can deal with that with their partners to make sure the visitor economy continues to grow positively. Such a great message!
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has developed an initiative on “sustainable moments” to help people make intelligent decisions, explain the culture so people understand the reasons behind them, as it’s different per jurisdiction. Such a long list of great examples (reusable straws, etc.)!
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say we should be careful using the term overtourim and works on managing the experience.
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need to work on the infrastructure to be able to welcome the visitors so they are able to appreciate what’s there and develop a link with the young generation as well
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95% of visitors to the visit 5% of the park. But the problem is more traffic than people.
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we need the visitors to sustain our businesses and maintain the quality of life of the residents.
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Replying to @think_tourism
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