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WTM London 16h
Netflix and Amazon Prime are showing that video is the future of social media, and now Snapchat has announced the launch of Snap Originals. Could the travel industry benefit from using more video? Mark Frary investigates:
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Kerri Verbeke Kapich joins us from at this November to discuss how their brand faced & overcame challenges with video content!
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Hoor Alkhaja from will be joining us at this November to discuss how to identify and engage with untapped markets
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Ideas and smiles happening in the Brussels workshop!
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WTM London Oct 17
Hear Founder of , , on ‘How to discover more passion, purpose and happiness in travel’ at WTM London 2018. An unmissable keynote session taking place on 5 Nov at 14.00 – 14.45. Read more & register here:
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There's just 1 week left to apply for the with and - don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!
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This week has been a busy week for the DTTT team! Today, we are in Brussels again for Workshop No 3
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Peter Kentie from will be joining us at , to talk about a content strategy built on a strong basis of joint ownership, innovative thinking & embracing technology!
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share some great points about the power of UGC in any situation!
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Yesterday, the team spent the day in Madrid filming an exciting new case study! Stay tuned for more.....
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Ahead of , we caught up with Tony Quarmby from . Find out how this DMO uses humour and creativity to really make an impact!
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Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing , will be introducing us to the real people of the city and how their local knowledge and experience is pioneering the visitor experience
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Join us at to collaborate and come up with ideas on “How can we overcome the challenge of overcrowding in tourism hotspots and spread the value of tourism wider?”
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Register today for a really fantastic opportunity to hear and share ideas with fellow travel professionals from all over!
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The application deadline for the Destination Challenge with the and is less than 2 weeks away! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Find out more or register your place here
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Meet Kim Gustafsson from Finnair – he and discussed some of the brand's new initiatives and the key mission that's affecting their future campaigns. They also look at the future of travel and what opportunities it presents to Finnair.
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After a jam-packed two days in Jersey for and -here are our 10 key takeaways from a host of DMO experts from around the globe! Let us know if you have any more to share!
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Visit Jersey Sep 27
Digital innovation & inspired thinking provides with creative content opportunities. We celebrate with this opening content, captured in less than 12 hours, at our recent
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We are back in Montenegro to celebrate the World Tourism Day! 🇲🇪 and are bringing the tourism industry together to share knowledge, trends and insights during an interactive keynote and workshop.
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The and are collaborating to host Destination Challenge 2018 and ideate ways to overcome overcrowding in tourist hotspots. Find out more about this unique competition and how to register right here:
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