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Theresa May
Great day campaigning with . Your vote will strengthen our hand in Brexit negotiations & help the whole of the UK flourish.
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Dissident Bot 29 Apr 17
Replying to @theresa_may
Are you reallly so scared of Jeremy Corbyn that you won't debate him?
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James O'kane 29 Apr 17
Ha! She beats him like a rented mule every Wednesday. Give the man a break!
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Billy the Kid 29 Apr 17
No. She won't.
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Pete P 29 Apr 17
It will be a great day when your brave enough to face the public on a TV debate...
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ali 29 Apr 17
Did you meet real voters this time?
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Esso5132 29 Apr 17
All voters are real, are they not, or do you want her to meet the ones who want to stone her, to satisfy your achy achy heart
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Izzy & Miss T #cavpack #🌈pack AK Oscy 🐶🐱⚽🍺🐾 29 Apr 17
Let's hope that can win plenty of seats & wipe the smirk of Sturgeon's face
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Polly #FBPE 29 Apr 17
But you don't have my vote. Ever.
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