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The RiotACT is an online forum for news and views in the Canberra and ACT region.
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Drought & expected high temperatures combine to put & areas at higher risk of fires this summer
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It's your last chance to secure a historic piece from the estate of Tattersalls' heir Dr John Flynn
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Could Australian politics get any curiouser? Visit Behind The Lines 2018 to find out
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Noted senior architect challenges City to Lake + West Basin plans, warning the developments could alienate ordinary citizens from the lakeshore
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A hung jury is looming in the David Eastman murder trial with the trial judge sending the five women and seven men home early to reflect overnight, after being told they could not come to a unanimous verdict.
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Snowy Monaro Council has a new General Manager - here's more about the man who will lead the organisation over the coming years
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Meet new Principal, Anna Owen. She'll take the reins in the New Year, after the departure of current head Anna Coutts.
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Something pretty special happened at an art competition in Canberra’s inner north, writes Genevieve Jacobs
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Two teenage boys will face the ACT Children’s Court today for vandalising school premises in Deakin, Red Hill, and Yarralumla earlier this year.
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Deer hunting regulations relaxed across to allow licenced hunters to assist local farmers manage deer numbers
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73-year-old Prof Dick Telford is showing no sign of slowing down, with a fast-paced life in sport & beyond, writes
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Aeon Academy’s Open Day promises activities galore including badge-making, creating go-karts, a display of ceramic work and a fabulous dramatic adventure tournament
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Do you know how high our fire risk really is, or why you should report European wasp sightings? Read our weekly newsletter to find out
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Women with chronic health conditions are invited to a free workshop to learn how to express their ideas using digital art photography
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With growing numbers of people from Africa making Canberra their home, we take a look at the cultures and traditions of the Akan tribe from Ghana
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Citizen science project captures rare goannas emerging from termite mound nest
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If you’ve thought about getting a few backyard chooks but haven’t been sure how to go about it, here are some expert tips to get you started
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The ACT Government has unveiled draft legislation for the establishment of an anti-corruption body in the Territory next year
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The Women’s Centre for Health Matters wants to know more about the health needs of same-sex attracted women in the ACT. Here’s how to get involved
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Meet the "kelp lady" who's heading off on a global journey to explore the potential of seaweed farming
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