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Pre-election bombshell: SNC-Lavalin withdraws bids for the Pattullo Bridge, Broadway Subway and an LRT project in Edmonton.
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News comes the same day Quebec Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said it wouldn't bail-out the scandal-plagued SNC-Lavalin: "I don't see the need for the Quebec government to intervene at the financial level."
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Obvious question about the viability of SNC-Lavalin. It lobbied while decided the shortlists for Pattullo and Broadway. Now it's out. Can it fulfil other contracts on and Canada Line? We're awaiting comment from SNC-Lavalin and .
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??? Thought that couldn’t be done.
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Anything possible. Wait and see whether SNC-Lavalin could be involved as a subcontractor down the road. It built the Millennium Line and would be involved somehow for compatibility on the Broadway extension. Unless the company undergoes even further change.
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