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Teddy Locsin Jr. 22 Feb 19
I said the Pres referring to Hitler & 3MJews is a metaphor. The killing of 6MJews, 20MRussians & innocents like Anne Frank in WW2 is historical fact. I guess he was annoyed that I refused to disown the Pres & pointed that out bec he left & the next day he went on the attack.
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JollyJoy 23 Feb 19
Replying to @teddyboylocsin
They will only hear what they want to hear. Otherwise, beast mode.
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Teddy Locsin Jr.
Only a handful of Germans are stupid like Arnd. The rest are coldly efficient & sympathetic about how problems that cry for solutions must for crying out loud be solved by the easiest available means most efficient to achieve that purpose as I said at the UN.
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dodong 23 Feb 19
German people's face may look scary. When me and my African friend were playing with the knife inside a restaurant in Munich for picture, people from other table said "no, no don't do that". and we were sooo embarrassed.
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Teddy Locsin Jr. 23 Feb 19
Replying to @o9183o6o76o @aprilfour
And the Germans are good looking; the men are handsome and the women stunningly beautiful especially in Potsdam. Tall and stately. They had social security in 1870.
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