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“Had the Championship been decided by PPG, Charlton would’ve been relegated!” “It’s such a flimsy way to change a clubs history.” “Wimbledon, MK Dons, Blackpool... you couldn’t wait to finish the season early! Hypocrites!” slams EFL clubs for resorting to PPG
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Surfer Dave Jun 29
Just goes to show the shambolic nature of the EFL. Tranmere were not relegated they were voted out. We will never let this go.
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WozzaLaney Jun 29
Poor Tranmere the bloke is right in what he saying. PPG is a disgrace. Just null an void or play it out!!!
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Jason Floyd Jun 29
Peterborough didn't get into the Play Offs, we get it.
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Justin Burns Jun 29
In fairness, lower league clubs simply couldn't afford to play the rest of the season - no crowds, loads of contracts ending + couldn't afford testing/PPE etc. Not the EPL. Better clubs survive than go bust to finish the last 9 games
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Boo the EFL 34th Minute Jun 30
German 3rd division are playing... More money in the English football than Germsn football. But this is a capitalist country so the money stays at the top.
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Richard Cassells Jun 29
You really haven’t got a clue. Wimbledon managed to keep 1 player (clause) despite releasing 8, as we had no choice.We’ve also begged fans not to ask for refunds on STs & introduced a debenture scheme where fans pay £500 to keep the club alive...the reason all clubs voted to end
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⚽ TYPE ONE TONY ⚽ Jun 29
Looks like his doesn't know what he's on about but thats just about right for him Hasn't he realised that its costing clubs money to finish the season with NO money coming in at all
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gaz hall Jun 30
Well said !!!! Absolutely disgrace the way the leagues were finished ....1st cannot play virus ...2nd can’t play to expensive... 3rd can’t play not enough time ... Biggest load bollocks in the history of football
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WirralWhite Jun 30
PPG is a fraud of a system especially to be rammed in half way through a season. They effectively asked the turkeys if they fancied Christmas this season and they all voted to save their own necks, I don't blame them but the whole system stinks & the football family is dead.
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