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How good is this from !! Join in the saddle as he guides Redzel to victory in the 2018
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Brett de Vine 14 Oct 18
Love how professional but most importantly calm and all his team are - each and every race. The best in Australia
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Kerrin McEvoy 14 Oct 18
Corey who was up with me is one of the best in the business too ✅👍🏽
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David Reynolds 14 Oct 18
This is awesome! Should release more footage like this! Hahaha gives 6ft 100kg people me a chance to dream.
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Peter Mulholland 14 Oct 18
Absolutely amazing - jockeys are the bravest sportspeople in the world. What a magnificent insight!!
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Chips 14 Oct 18
I preferred the view watching you celebrate
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SUNLIGHT larkin. 14 Oct 18
looking forward to the tattoo now
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Dylan 14 Oct 18
Nothing but grass in front 🔥
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GRD Freshie 14 Oct 18
Makes me appreciate the skill and bravery of a jockey, the power of a thoroughbred and how they come together.
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David Riccio 15 Oct 18
This is sensational insight. Well done all.
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