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Justin Wolfers May 17
Australian democracy is amazing. Aussies are voting today. All of them, because voting is compulsory. Lines are short. Postal voting is easy. There's no voter suppression. No gerrymandering, because district lines are independently drawn. And everyone enjoys a .
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Hand-Washing Enthusiast šŸ˜· May 17
Replying to @JustinWolfers
Voting is *compulsory* and y'all call it a *democracy* sausage?
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šŸ’§ Tim Bowden May 17
That is an argument for improving education, not reducing civic responsibilities. I'll take compulsory, preferential voting every time thanks. Oh, and voting on a Saturday.
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Dave May 18
Troll harder bro.
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Adam May 17
More informed than the US Iā€™d bet. Got any similar stats for the US?
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