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JP Kellams
Having a one-button mode (Easy Automatic) in Bayonetta didn’t make getting Pure Platinum any easier. It didn’t ruin your experience. It did make myself and others on the team receive many comments from new Bayonetta fans who could have never otherwise enjoyed the game.
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JP Kellams 4 Apr 19
Replying to @PericaPeric9
I 100% agree. For instance, your short-sighted opinion doesn’t appeal to me. I also recognize that it is your choice to do so, and it is your loss by doing so. When we choose to not be inclusive, people lose out. Why would you be so stubborn you’d want to lose out on things?
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JP Kellams 5 Apr 19
Replying to @Kung_Fu_Kai
Lol. That doesn’t even make sense. Nice Dante meme though.
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JP Kellams 8 Apr 19
Replying to @SpaceReplicant
Scalebound got cancelled because it didn’t work out. Kinda like your shitty attempt to insult me.
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Michael Hanneken 9 Apr 19
Replying to @synaesthesiajp
I really enjoyed getting platinum trophy in Bayonetta, but I did pick it out of the bargain bin. You're trying to compare yourself to Usain Bolt after running your first half mile marathon
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JP Kellams 10 Apr 19
Replying to @Notgonnaparkour
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Shinobi602 3 Apr 19
Replying to @synaesthesiajp
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