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shawn swyx wang
Slack be like: What if we took Twitter and added way more bots and supernotifications oh and also anyone can *make* you follow a hashtag and unfollowing was passive aggressively broadcasted to everybody also lets add emoji reactions for more gamification 😂👍❤️
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shawn swyx wang 3 May 19
Replying to @swyx
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Adam Mackintosh 22 Apr 19
Replying to @swyx @Channel
* makes remote collaboration tool, works centralized "Why can't I draw on my own screenshare? No idea we don't experience that issue because we are all in the same room"
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shawn swyx wang 22 Apr 19
Replying to @agm1984 @Channel
i dont think this is valid anymore. we draw on screenshares all the time at work
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