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Former Director of Entertainment (Artist) Relations Worldwide for the Gibson Guitar Company. Currently representing Orange Amplifiers
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The most misguided, incorrect, unfunny and yes, racist and sexist, caricature I have seen in a very long time. Inexcusable. You have clearly past your "sell by" date and should be thrown out. PS. Both players are black. What's with the "cute little" blonde?
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B Aug 26
Sharp Dressed Man Billy F Gibbons ZZ Ward Orianthi
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Our interview with Noah Deeney from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown. via
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Wish I could be there. Hmmm. Maybe I can.
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Marcus King – Interview at Red Rocks
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Derek Trucks sitting in w Marcus King. @ Taos Downtown Historic District
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Is it Saxsquach ?? Why is he always fuzzy and out of focus? @ Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
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Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster from the collection of George Harrison.
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Rickey Dover Jr. enjoying a great Rusty Anderson ES-335 and a selection of Orange amps at the Nashville showroom. @ Carnaby Street USA
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Abbey Road Les Paul.
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With Jimmy Pages original Gibson ES1275 doubleneck.
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Currently working on the first full length release for the Skeleton Krew At Toy Box studios in Nashville.
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Thee original Bob Marley Les Paul Special. Photographed at his home in Kingston, Jamaica 2005.
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What a great gift from our friends at Heil Sound. A custom microphone that will look great in our Orange Amplifiers Nashville showroom.
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Marcus King with the new Orange Acoustic Pre-amp.
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I love you Ana. I am always so pleased to see YOU a Republican woman call out the insanity of what we are living through. Please don't let it ever become "normal".
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Have you heard ‘Smile Mix 1’ by Patrick Foley on ?
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Orange Amplifiers are hosting a spectacular musical event on Friday June 29 at the Mercy Lounge. If you're planning on being in Nashville for Summer Namm save the date for a great Night out. We'd love to see you there. It should be a Jam Packed evening with lots of special guests
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