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Former Director of Entertainment (Artist) Relations Worldwide for the Gibson Guitar Company. Currently representing Orange Amplifiers
Tweets Jan 7
One of the very first aged Jimmy Page Signature EDS-1275s produced.
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"The Look" from Raelyn Nelson. @ Nashville, Tennessee
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Replying to @SP_12_EC @orianthi
Very nice.
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Cant wait.
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My new love ....a 1960s Hofner 12 string. Yes!
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Tyler Bryant at the Orange Amps showroom yesterday. Great guy, great player and an amazing band, TB and the Shakedown. @ Nashville,…
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Wow. I just came across this. My first ever Beatle record. Purchased at Woolworths in Pontiac, MI. 1964
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There is just nothing like cutting lacquer discs for vinyl records. We should have test pressings any day. !!!!! @ Nashville, Tennessee
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Cutting lacquers for a new release. Great to be working with vinyl again !!
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This is sickening. Just plain sickening.
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Nick Lowe - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Live ... via
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How bout a signature Orange Amp? In gold (fake) lizard skin perhaps?? ✌❤
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Rest in peace Geoff Emerick and thanks for everything.
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I lost a good friend today when legendary Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick died suddenly of a heart attack. Thanks for everything Geoff and rest in peace.
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Replying to @sunburst58
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With Paul and John Hammel working on the Paul McCartney Epiphone Texan model. 1994, Miami.
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The most misguided, incorrect, unfunny and yes, racist and sexist, caricature I have seen in a very long time. Inexcusable. You have clearly past your "sell by" date and should be thrown out. PS. Both players are black. What's with the "cute little" blonde?
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B. Aug 26
Sharp Dressed Man Billy F Gibbons ZZ Ward Orianthi
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Our interview with Noah Deeney from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown. via
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