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Suchi Saria
NeurIPS needs 4500 (qualified) reviewers this year! Looks infeasible. it may be worth trying a process w/ two rounds. The first round—like top journals—rules out papers unlikely to score more than 3. The papers that make the cut get multiple reviewers.
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Hugo Larochelle 6 Feb 19
Replying to @suchisaria
It will take work, but I think we can do it and find that many qualified reviewers. We’re not giving up! :-)
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Suchi Saria 6 Feb 19
Replying to @hugo_larochelle
This may not just be about will: I think the quality of the reviews for the >3 papers will go up and the final decisions will be much less noisy. This is something we can verify using a simulation; it would take a very large pool (>10K qualified) for this to not hold.
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Christopher Peters 😷 6 Feb 19
Heh, set a neural network on it! 😜
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OneBigOh 6 Feb 19
Somebody needs to submit a paper titled “Deep neural networks for reviewing NeurIPS papers”
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John Mannisi 7 Feb 19
Need AI reviewers!
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