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Kyle Howells Jun 17
Notarization is a distaster for macOS development, even if it worked. And from the sounds of things it’s a complete disaster. I’ll be completely ignoring it for any software I release and disabling it on all my computers.
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Steve Troughton-Smith Jun 17
Replying to @Freerunnering
Code should be signed; if users want to disable signing checks, they should totally do so, but developers shouldn’t be shipping unsigned software. “I want to let users inject libraries into my process by default!” is not a good enough reason, nor is “waaah signing is hard” 😜
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Steve Troughton-Smith
If you’re asking your users to disable SIP — they won’t. Even devs were terrified of turning off SIP just to play w/ Marzipan. And you shouldn’t be asking users to compromise their security just to run your binaries. People like us can turn off everything and do whatever we want
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