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Matt Stiles
Only Watergate and the Civil War have prompted shorter tenures as AG (if Sessions were to leave now). A daily viz:
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boB Rudis 25 Jul 17
Replying to @stiles
(a) cool idea (b) for doing the scraping :-) (c) here's a different spin on it
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Matt Stiles 25 Jul 17
Replying to @hrbrmstr
Is that ggplot? I'd love to see the code, especially how you got the dots to settle in bunches, not lines above their category on x axis.
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Andrew Heimert 25 Jul 17
Replying to @stiles
Can he hold out 25 days?
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Jamie 25 Jul 17
Replying to @stiles @elisewho
Well now I have to Google William Wirt
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