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Richard Stengel
My piece on why the very broadness of the First Amendment suggests we should have a hate speech law. And if we did, why the President might be in violation of it.
Unregulated speech that breeds discrimination undermines the First Amendment.
The Washington Post The Washington Post @washingtonpost
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Steph Oct 29
Ever since social media came along and you in the media actually have to hear what the people say, you've done nothing but try to shut us up while preaching the 1st amendment that you appear to believe only applies to you.
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Toddlee Oct 29
They can't control thought anymore and it's killing them...
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Redsaphir Oct 30
People that ban speech usually hang on lamps 50 years later.
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P. Aaron Oct 30
And thatโ€™s about 49&3/4 years too long.
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Matt Christiansen Oct 30
And if we wrote a stupid speech law, you'd be in violation of that. Kinda the point.
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๐Ÿ’€Oreo ๐ŸŠ"No, He Doesn't Bite"๐Ÿฆˆ Puddin'!!๐Ÿ’€ Oct 30
That ratio. Delicious.
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JR ๐Ÿ•Š Oct 30
The corporate press is the enemy of the people.
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Mike Solana Oct 30
"I came to see how our First Amendment standard is an outlier" is not an argument *for* censorship, it is an indictment of the rest of the world
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Robert Patrick Lewis Oct 30
Let me guess, โ€œhate speechโ€ should be defined by the left, and none of the dangerous & violent ANTIFA, CAIR, JMMA or leftist groups will be applicable. But any conservative saying they disapprove of anything will be immediately censored. Your fascism is showing.
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Legal Sense Oct 30
Here is why there should never be a hate speech law in one easy lesson: Government would term whatever they wanted to suppress as hate speech.
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